Declaration of Absolute Freedom (set)

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Declaration of Absolute Freedom

If you knew that stepping forward and making a simple declaration, “You Are Free”, enjoined by hundreds of similar declarations, would empower you with a sense of Oneness and Freedom, would you declare?

Declaration of Absolute Freedom, a vision to show commitment like the Oath and Bond documents, but also solidarity with our Eternal Essence embodiments, Gaia and ALL that IS.

Such is the exponential expansion of energy set in motion from the simple gesture of signing the Declaration of Absolute Freedom. By signing your full name, you abandon the fear of Separation, defining your intentions to serve The One People with responsible, liable and transparent choices of peace and unity. Such an energetic expression of stating one’s name, stepping forward to “Stand ALL In” and standing in integrity is the simplest act one can DO.

What you get:

- Declaration of Absolute Freedom, printed on premium document paper

- A multiple-use stamp pad with red ink especially for fingerprints

- Embossed gold seal of our lawyer office: "Commune Jure Notariorum Officia Ab Hominibus"

- Including shipping in a sturdy cardboard envelope

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