Donation for Freedom Island homeless project in the Philippines

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Freedom island - the LiveFree shop project

Freedom Island is a project for the homeless in the Philippines run entirely by volunteers. We provide a safe haven for people, prioritizing children, and we help them break the hopeless cycle of homelessness.

Our project started in 2021. Currently, we house over 20 children and a few parents, all born homeless, as well as the two supervisors/managers are. Children handed over to us by the parents so that their children can at least have a normal future. The still homeless adults are regularly supported by us with food, but we need a new shelter so that this group also gets a new chance.

Every donation, big or small, directly supports us to help them on their way to a life, where they can develop into a normal life. With your money we can literally give people a new future and invest in growth of the project. Freedom Island is a project of the LiveFree store, you can find us at lectures and events for conscious people in the Netherlands and Belgium, as well as online.